Our Precious Water!

We are committed to the preservation of the environment and our precious resources. We are mindful of the drought situation in the Western Cape and are doing our part to save!

Franschhoek falls under Stellenbosch municipality and relies on additional water sources than the City of Cape Town. Consequently, Franschhoek is therefore not included in any day zero predictions for Cape Town 

Whilst we do have restrictions in place, they are not as severe as the restrictions in Cape Town and we do not have any interruptions in our water supply

We have also invested in a water purification plant for the use of borehole water and therefore our guests have an uninterrupted supply of water irrespective. 

We are also doing our part in saving this precious resource and we ask that our guests participate in these water saving measures. The measures we have introduced include the following:

  • Water flow reducers have been installed on all shower heads, giving a comfortable shower but with restricted water flow in order to save a significant amount of water
  • Water displacement devices have been installed in all toilets of all guest rooms, general and restaurant areas and staff toilets to ensure less water is used when toilets are flushed;
  • Water aerators (flow reducers) have been installed in all basins in the restrooms in our restaurant, guest lounges, staff areas and basins of guest rooms. 
  • Bath plugs have been removed in all of our rooms, and guests are encouraged to take a shower instead. Plugs can be provided on request
  • Shower timers are available in the showers to make guests aware (but not restricting them) as to the length of their shower time
  • Borehole water is used for limited irrigation of our expansive gardens and in line with local restrictions. Irrigation is only done at night to limit evaporation
  • General water restriction notices are posted in our reception, verbal communication is provided to our guests on check-in and information is provided in in our guests’ welcome letter;
  • General notices have been placed in all bathrooms, advising guests on practical measures how they can assist our efforts

Our sincere thanks to our valued guests for their positive response to our initiatives thus far and helping us in our efforts.