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Sitting peacefully amidst the Franschhoek mountains, you will find the home, and birthplace, of a true South African legend. Franschhoek is the birthplace of fine South African wines and gourmet cuisine with an international flavour. Franschhoek is abound by wine farms and restaurants that nestle in the valley. Settled over 300 years ago by French Huguenots, the seeds of their labours still flourish today in the picturesque village and friendly people. The village is abound by art galleries, craft shops, restaurants, cafe's and all manor of other treasure just waiting for you to discover and wonder at.

Historical & Cultural Heritage

After over a century of persecution by the Roman Catholic Church in France, the members of the new Reformed Church had finally decided that if they could not worship how they wish in their own country, they would leave and relocate to other countries where differing religious beliefs were not so savagely subjugated.

Thus began the mass exodus from France. Initially the new church spread to Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Poland and then finally America and South Africa.

The pioneer Huguenot, François Villion, arrived in the Cape of Good Hope in 1671 and 17 years later, a party of 200 Huguenot's arrived and settled in the Cape Region. In 1688 after negotiations with the Governor, Simon van der Stel, the Huguenot's started to settle the Olifantshoek (Elephants Corner) valley and shortly thereafter it became known as Franschhoek (French Corner). The spark of a legend was born.

The Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek commemorates their sacrifices and their spirit. The central theme is a woman, The fleur-de-lis, with the Bible in her right hand and broken chain in her left hand, she came to symbolize the struggle of the Huguenots. Here you can learn about those early pioneers.

From these humble beginnings, the French Huguenots started to change the face of the valley and eventually South Africa in their small corner of the world. Over 300 years later their legacy lives on with Franschhoek as the South African home of fine wines and gourmet cuisine.

From this the current owners converted the homestead which today, amongst other facilities, houses the restaurant and standard rooms. Continuous renovations, improvements and additions over the years (including the Restaurant, Luxury Rooms, General Facilities and the luxurious Villa Suites) ensures that the establishment deliver in all the modern expectations of today offering first class accommodation and personalized service.

Managed by a vibrant young team with a professional yet relaxed approach to their guests, the Franschhoek Country House & Villas is also overseen by the owners themselves.